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The life of Captain Jackie
Moggridge in video clips.

From the first girl to do a parachute jump in S.Africa to gaining her B licence at Witney Aeronautical College Oxford. At age 18 war broke out so Jackie joined the WAAF and then the ATA where she flew over 1500 deliveries of WW2 planes (83 different types) alone with only a map and a compass. After the war she became the first woman Airline Captain having gained The King's Commendation for valuable services in the air, The Queen's Coronation Medal and was the first to be awarded the Jean Lennox Bird Trophy by the Women Pilots Association for furthering the cause of women in aviation. Whilst in the WRAF Volunteer Reserves for five years after the war she learned to fly jets campaigning to be the first woman to fly through the Sound Barrier, she was one of only 5 women to gain her RAF full wings in 1953. An inspiring and joyful account of a pioneering woman who dealt with prejudice and danger, working in a man's world. A fitting tribute to the men and women of the Air Tansport Auxilary who like Jackie flew as many as five planes a day from factory to Aerodrome to keep the Fighter pilots supplied with Spitfires, Hurricanes, Lancaster Bombers, Mosquitos, Harvards, Blenheims, Beaforts, Fairey Fireflys and more over 150 types in all weathers with no radio contact with the ground. A feat never to be repeated that deserves its place in History.

UPUPUP Jackie spit biog page -
19.09.20 spit pages17.png

Sara Millican Standard Issue Podcast Jackie and the Hurricane Girls

ARshow iplayer pic2.jpg

Antiques Road Show features Jackie Moggridge Memorabilia 

Sky News 2.jpg

Sky News Hurricane Girls

BBC Spot light Interview.jpg

BBC  Spotlight News Hurricane GIrls


BBC Spotlight eve News Hurricane Girls

BBC points west.jpg

Points West News Interview Hurricane Girls

Points West TV logo.jpg

Points West News trailer Hurriane Girls


Won't release a plane to a woman!

Jackie in cockpit ML407.jpg

Final Flight in Spitfire ML407 as her Ashes are scattered.


Only job I could get being a woman!


Jackie's heroine Amy dies in ATA, Jackie hitches onto a Lancaster raid mission


Jackie talks about loosing Amy Johnson


Sky News trailer Hurricaine Girls

Jackie 1_7152.jpg
Secret Spitfire poem read by Air Marshal

First woman Airline Captain clip Spitfire women

Secret Spitfires Jackie Poem read by Air Marshall Sue Gray TV News

Amy Johnson.jpg

Amy's last flight  the ATA girls remember.


Amy dies Jackie cries

Jackie 1_6997.jpg

Pauline Gower ATA woman pioneer

Radio 10 Suzie Grogan int .jpg

Podcast Suzie Grogan Talking Books 10 Radio 2017 with Candy Adkins on Spitfire Girl

jackie 2r custom name here_7233.jpg

Jackie reunited with The Grace Spitfire and flies it again age 74.


The E6B  flight computer in use in a WW2 film.

ATA badge and motto.jpg

Forgotton Pilots news trailer about ATA

Jackie 1_7167.jpg

Only a man's job!

Anyting to ANywhere pic.jpg

ATA takes women pilots thanks to Pauline Gower. Jackie talks about the prejudice they faced

Jackie 50 yrs with ML407.jpg

Forgotten Pilots last programme Jackie tribute


Jackie on Kilroy Silk programme


Never would they allow this to happen now  clip Jackie talks about ATA


ATA character in TV series Home Fires

french pic jackie teaching.jpg

ATA even accepts women promotional clip 1939


Wings Programme ATA explains Ferry Pilots Notes.

Jackie book cover set pciture.jpg

Difficulties for ATA pilot Jackie flying war planes in a man's world.

Jackie-Moggridge painting.jpg

What's this for? Nothing was adapted for women pilots

Secret Spitfire press LoRes.jpg

Secret Spitfires  "In Honour of the Engineers." Jackie's poem on Points West News.

Spitfire Girl Press Rel-4.jpg

Breaking the Sound Barrier & Britains  first woman Airline Captain


Flying in ATA was best thing!

ATA reunion last Jackie.jpg

ATA reunion Dinner 

Pauline Gower with first 8.jpg

Not enough maps, the ATA flew with no contact with the ground.

RAF stories RAF museum .jpg

RAF Cosford Museum Spitfire Girl Talk

Jackie 1_7071.jpg

Jackie joins WRAF(VR)


Forgotten Pilots trailer and three programmes about the ATA

jackie 2r custom name here_7236.jpg

Memorial ending Forgotten Pilots Jackie never saw the film.

Original photo jackie book cover.jpg

Jackie achieved great success as a commercial pilot

Jackie 1_7003.jpg

ATA No. 15 Ferry Pool All woman pool Hamble.

Jackie 1_7052.jpg

ATA closes down


Radio int with pics with Suzie Grogan on Spitfire Girl

Jackie 1_7114.jpg

Anyone can do Anything

Jackie 1_6973.jpg

RAF stories parachue jump

Radio Int Debbie McDrory Cornwall 19918.

Radio interview on Spitfire Girl with Debbie McCrory 19.9.18 Radio Cornwall.

Jackie book cover set pciture.jpg

Jackie joined the WRAF(VR) an gets her wings.

In cockpipt canadian spit.jpg

Jackie on VE Day

Jackie 1_7013.jpg

ATA closes abruptly

Stonor Antiques Rd Show.jpg

Jackie taught her daughters to fly a Spitfire in bed!

Princess Anne trophy and Megan.jpg

The Jackie Moggridge Spitfire Award at RAF Cramwell first awarded September 2021 to Senior Aircraftwoman Megan  Gammon for "The Best Female Aircrew or Engineer who has demonstrated outstanding potential."

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