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"By the third week those of us still remaining on the course could give the compass bearing and approximate distance of any echo appearing on the screen. Not, we thought, a particularly commendable achievement."

"It (the echo) moved steadily eastwards towards enemy territory leaving behind a dying echo that remained stationary for a few tragic seconds before fading, as the life it represented faded into oblivion."

WAAF Radar
ATA No 15 Ferry Pool
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The full team of No. 15 Ferry Pool

front row (left to right): Pam Marsh, Phyllis Farquharson,  Kay Van Doozer, Maureen Dunlop, Grace Stevenson, Emily Chapin, Rosemary Bannister, Pat Parker, Philippa Bennett, Rachel Nickalls, Margot Gore, Alison King, Rosemary Rees, Barbara Murray, Margaret Murray, Doreen Williams, Jean Bird, Anna Leska, Veronica Innes, Mary Wilkins , Betty Grant.
middle row (left to right) Dora Lang, Jackie Moggridge, Tanya Whittall, Diana Barnato. back row (left to right) Bobby Leveaux, Mardi Gething, Margot Duhalde, Anne Walker. top Vera Strodl.

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Hamble press cutting Address Greenslades
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The ATA’s forty year reunion.


Back row Lettice Curtis, Veronica Volkersz, Pete Wither, B. Hale, Mary (Guthie) Cunningham, Doreen (Williams) Ulstey.

Joy (Gough) Lofthouse, Zoe Jener, Rosemary (Bannister) 

Seccombe, Marigold (Dean Drammond) Saville. third row from front Helen (Kerly) Storm Clark, Alison King, Freddie (Leaf )Sharland, Monique Agazarian, Maggie Fost (hidden). second row from front Anne (Walker) Duncan, Pam Tulk Hart, Maureen (Dunlop) de Popp. Betty (MacDougall) Evans, Molly

Rose, Phillippa (Bennett) Booth, Bernie Willis, Mary (Wilkins) Ellis, Cecile (Power) Moger. front row Diana Barnato Walker, Margot Gore, Margaret Murray, Jackie Moggridge.

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No. 15 Ferry Pool:

left to right: Betty Hayman Diana Barnato, Maureen Dunlop, Mary Wilkins, Freydis Leaf, Unknown, (Driver) Pamela, Doreen

Williams, Grace Stevenson, Emily Chapin, Kay Van Doozer,

Margaret Murray, Veronica Volkersz, Margot Gore, Unknown,

Rosemary Rees,  Philippa Bennett, (in cockpit) Chile and Anne Walker, three ladies sitting on wing unknown, above them Tania Whittall, Mardi Gething, Jackie Moggridge, Vera Strodl.

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Logbook Lancaster - Copy - Copy - Copy.j
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Liberater Log book pg1 - Copy - Copy - C
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ATA Hamble Jackie offering Lady De Billis a sweet it says Vogue on the back of this picture, 1942.

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Galmour ATA covergirl in Picture Post

Jackie featured inside article examining logbook and inside a Spit

Silver Card tray No 15 Ferry Pool signat
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Vogue pic Phillipa Bennet, Connie Lealhart, Alyson King Anna Leska Hamble Mess No 15 Ferry Pool 1942

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