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Jackie's book was put in a time capsule by the Imperial War Museu'm because they felt it showed a true pioneer for women, as no one in the future would understand how hard it would be for a  woman to take a flying job.

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Buy Jackie's Autobiography republished in 2014 now with original photos
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Also now available the Spitfire Girl picture book for all ages by Faye Beerling. Jackie's life in her original photographs from WW2
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Coming Soon!

Beautifully illustrated Pilot Jackie adventure stories for children

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The Pilot Jackie stories for children are being written by Candy Adkins (Jackie's daughter) and illustrated by Lara Adkins (Jackie's granddaughter). There are 8 titles in the Up Up Up and Away series with Granny putting the kids to bed and asking for a story which is then told in charming rhyme. The children never realising that Granny is talking about herself. The reader can see at the end a photo of Jackie so readers can see it is a true story to inspire girls to fly.   We hope you enjoy a selection of pages below from the first three books and would love your feedback.

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here are some sample pages (not in any order)

from the Pilot Jackie Stories

There are 8 stories in the Up UP and Away children's series, written by her daughter and illustrated by her grandaughter.

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Here are some selected pages from the 8 Adventure Stories inspiring girls tofollow their dreams.

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