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What Jackie did when not in the air?

Jackie married Captain Reg Moggridge of the Royal Engineers

Jackie's husband Reg was ahead of his time - he was her rock-  he said  "I would never stop her flying I would have loved to do what she can do."

His reply to male chums who said "You let your wife drive you?"  Was "Wellshe can fly a plane of course she can drive a car and she doesn't drink."

To Reg


You are my love

And my delight

Your are the thrill

I find so sweet

Wrapped in your arms

I am complete

In the darkness of the night.


Reg took over the family building business TH Moggridge and Sons who had built much of Taunton since the 1800s. They were proud of Old Taunton Library, the commemorative bronze plaque has now moved to the new Library and can be seen by the entrance. 

T H Moggridges Builders of The Taunton L

A proud moment T H Moggridge and Sons having built Taunton Library. My Great Grandad Thomas Henry built most of Tauntons large houses.

IMG_7792 - Copy.JPG

"My father, Reg, was the quiet strength behind Jackie. He fully supported her need to fly and was immensely proud of her achievements. They met at a dance in 1940 but the war kept them apart for most of their courtship."


"Reginald Moggridge drawn by his wife." Published in the

T H Moggridge and Sons Xmas Bulletin when they were sold to Pearce Construction.

Moggridge family.png

Jackie, Jill, Vicky Gill, (On floor) Reg, Aunty Mary, Eve Gill nee Moggridge (2nd row)  Gerald Moggridge, Bill Milbank, Barbara Gill

Reg Car.jpg
jackie 2r custom name here_7194.jpg
Reg Family.jpg

Sidney Moggridge  unknown, Nelly and Sidyney's father Thomas Henry. Evelyn Reg's older sister in front.

A French magazine Illustre did three featres on Jackie in 1957

Three invitations to HM the Queen's Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace 1966, 1969 and 1998. Jackie  admired Queen Elizabeth being the same age and height as herself. Jackie always admired her strong sense of duty and hard work and sympathized with the fact that she too had to navigate through committees of grey haired old men.

jackie 2r custom name here_7218.jpg
Jackie Ploughing.jpg

Jackie as local celebrity: interviewed by Richard Dimbleby for Down Your Way, with Jill proudly looking on

Jackie was in a few TV shows. She was Angela Rippon's first interview in Open House for Westward TV (see letter) and years later Angela RIppon danced  on TV with Jackie's daughter Veronica, in the famous  Angela Rippon news reader to chorus girl, Morcombe and Wise sketch.

Jackie also appeared on Kilroy Silk's TV show (I saw an Angel)   and Jackie  also appeared as the mystery guest in  "What's my line"  Did they guess she was an Airline Captain?

Jackie Car.jpg
Jock the Horse.jpg
Jackie Motorbike and pilion.jpg
SA family Matatiele.jpg
SA cousins Laurence family.jpg
Maggie  ATA runion.jpg
War birds display jackie.jpg

Maggie Frost ATA reunion

jackie 2r custom name here_7185.jpg
Jackie Tennis.jpg

Anyone for Tennis? Jackie also loved to play Hockey at School

Reg Jackie and Gerald (Reg's brother).

Diana Durban.jpg

Jackie loved to sing and dance (see Song and Dance Tab). She adored movie stars, she copied their clothes and kept this autographed photo from Diana Durban and Laurence Olivier's autograph.

autograhp Olivier.jpg

Jackie with Reg, Veronica and Candida at the home she loved  West Highlands, Taunton. She cried when they sold it in 1979.

West Highlands.jpg
jackie 2r custom name here_7188.jpg

Her political career was short but she did manage more votes than any previous Conservative  candidate in the constituency.


Jackies Family in South Africa

Jackie took Candy, age 11, to see her family back in South Africa. This was the first time Candy had met her Grandmother Veronica Helling.

See both pics of all the aunts and cousins in Pretoria, Jo-burg, Durban and Matatielle

SA family visit candy 11.jpg

Her mother Veronica, Candy, Reg, Jackie and brother

Laurence  Pearce

All the aunts and cousins in  SA . pic top left brother Laurence family Pretoria, 2 pics below her Aunty Mary Sorour family Matatiele, and Durban,  Rt pic brother Eddie family Jo-burg.

Jackie loved to meet her old ATA pals. This pic of her in the chair was the last time she saw them as she died in 2004 after Channel 5 had just completed the series Forgotten Pilots.

Jackie never saw the film in which she appeared with the other amazing members of the ATA.  Robyn Toyne the Director did a moving memorial to her at the end.

Mary Ellis ATA runion.jpg

Mary Ellis Jackie taught her to fly before Mary joined the ATA

ATA reunion Dinner 

ATA reunion last Jackie.jpg
ATA reunion last Jackie.jpg
Great War Birds display pass.jpg
ATA girls reunion by plane.jpg
ATA men and women under plane.jpg
ATA reunion group.jpg

"We are going to London to see the Queen"

ATA 60th Annicresary, Buckingham Palace, 14th July 1999. Jimi Nettleton, Maggie Frost, Diana Barnato, Freydis Sharland, Jackie Moggridge, (unknown) and Joy Lofthouse.


Jackie did lots of charity work and was awarded this certificate of appreciation from the Red Cross.

jackie 2r custom name here_7245.jpg

Granny Jackie was an amazing grandmother who loved her two grandchildren Ashleigh and Lara. She looked after them everyday Candy worked. Here they are on her 80th Birthday in 2000, Lara was 2 and Ash was 8 years old

Jackie donated the Jackie Moggridge Cup to the British Women Pilot's Association awarded yearly to an outstanding  woman pilot. Her daughter continues to present the award at the BWPA AGM Dec 3rd 2018 Candy with award winner Sue Tuddenham

Jackie Tophy BWPA 8.12.jpg

British Woman's Pilots Association Award

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